Anne Tromp
Sustainable results are my mission

Anne is a respected breathing therapist and personal trainer. Her interest in treating stress-related illnesses started 4 years ago when she noticed that many of her clients complained of stress, nervous exhaustion or burn-outs. Excessive stress has a negative impact on all aspects of life and prevents people from achieving their goals. According to Anne, the right approach always starts with a good resting breathing technique and stress management.

Anne used to work as both a dancer and dancing instructor. She got involved in fitness because of her passion for teaching and exercise. After the switch, Anne became a (rehabilitation) personal trainer, vitality coach and breathing therapist.

'Proper breathing techniques cannot be learned overnight. Nor can excessive stress levels be brought under control in a single day. This requires of practice and patience.'



Elles is a Personal Trainer with a huge passion for her work. She generates tranquillity with a focused approach. Elles has been active in various high-level sports, including gymnastics and swimming. Her love for sports and coaching have made her an excellent Personal Trainer who has been successfully coaching clients for over 10 years.

She achieves a state of rest by applying the Reset Clinic method to herself. This method is the best way to maintain her busy lifestyle. It is also the reason why her asthma and the medication she was taking for it are now a thing of the past. 'I am a firm believer in serenity, regularity and exercise. Every now and then, we need to step on the breaks and learn how to cope with our daily responsibilities, stressful situations and challenges.' 



Throughout my life, I've been interested in the interaction between body, personality, living environment and life events. At the hospital, I realized how little we're preoccupied with the question of why we get sick and what lessons we can learn from our illnesses

Symptoms are usually resolved with fast-acting pills that often give side effects. While we often get a lot further with a combination of personal attention, a complete analysis and treatment focused on the root cause of your problem. 



Since 2000, I have been working in employment services. Starting in 2005, I also began focusing on reintegration; from job hunter to branch manager and reintegration specialist. I've worked for many clients including UWV, municipalities and SMEs. What drives me is making a connection. 

Connecting people with people, companies with companies andpeople with companies; also from totally different backgrounds and origins. Empathy, involvement, perseverance and creativity are the building blocks to ensure that a given situation offers perspective for all involved time and time again.



Since graduating as a psychologist of Labour and Health in 1990, I have worked as a reintegration and absenteeism specialist. I use my people skills and experience every day to help people who got stuck for whatever reason. They are often people who have become dependent on benefits or insurance for their income. But I also support managers who have ran into trouble with their employees.

Whatever the case, I always try to provide peace of mind and stability when people are unable to see past their crisis. And I help with re-discovering and utilising existing talent by focusing on the future, without worrying about the past. In short, my work consists of building self-esteem, self-worth and providing perspective for my clients. And from a very practical perspective, I also help them navigate the maze of regulations and bureaucracy. Fortunately, I've always been able to do this with the support of a team of very fine and competent professionals.


I help people discover their potential and use it by creating the necessary conditions and taking into account what is expected of them.

After a briefly working in education, I started my career at KLM where I was able to develop myself as a trainer, consultant and training manager. This experience provided me with valuable skills and exposure to many different cultures in an international environment.

I experienced first-hand what it means to implement changes. As a management consultant for an international software company, I learned how to combine relevance and business. And what the value of being 'hard on the issue, soft on the relationship'. After a sabbatical, I started my own company. The economic crisis forced me to keep both feet firmly on the ground due to business and financial constraints. But I was lucky enough to get help from those around me.



Since 1996, I have been working as a therapist, specialising in Chinese herbal therapy. By combining this knowledge with our western insights, I give patients quick insight into where their problems actually come from. This allows me to help them more effectively. Because awareness is the first crucial step towards improvement!

Since December 2015, my practice has been part of JIJENWIJ. I chose to become part of it because the people in this organisation are so involved with others. The broad partnership with colleagues from finance and employment is an important key to success.


After years of being successfully self-employed in the field of acupuncture and physical therapy, I am now the proud co-founder and part of the JIJENWIJ Healthcare platform, where experienced experts really work together towards solutions.


The concept is built around the customer and not around their symptom(s). The approach is fast and flexible, horizontally organised and looks at the whole person and their surroundings. That makes me very happy and proud to be a part of it.