Reset Clinic helps overcome stress using an intensive programme


Reset Clinic offers programmes specifically tailored to treating stress, nervous exhaustion and burn-out complaints. What does this look like in practice? Together with a coach, a 3 to 6-month programme will be developed to address the physical and mental symptoms. As part of the programme, you will work on breathing techniques and improving physical fitness at least 3 times per week. 

The eGym training circuit, yoga, medical workouts as well as stress management and life coaching are all part of a typical Reset Clinic programme. And after that? Reintegration. To achieve this, we work closely with reintegration agency Jij&Wij. Together, we provide career coaching, finance management and proper psychological support.

A little stress can come in handy when you need to make a deadline, want to be alert at critical moments and speed up your reflexes


When someone is relaxed, their breathing will be regular and calm. When someone is stressed, their heart rate will go up and breathing becomes irregular. The result? The body becomes unbalanced. Luckily, breathing exercises can help. 

Together with the coach, breathing exercises will be practiced. At home, a specially developed app and heart rate monitor will provide support. This way, both the body's recovery rate and the resilience will be increased. Not just physically, but mentally as well.

Exercise is important, but can also be counterproductive when not enough attention is paid to rest and recovery. Everything starts with proper breathing techniques.


Good coaching is essential during treatment. But medical equipment plays an important role too. Reset Clinic uses software that is also applied in hospitals and for top athletes. 

All this care for the body is great of course. But equally important is the mental aspect. Reset Clinic will provide this too of course, and strives for a complete balance for both body and mind.

The purpose of the programme is to reset the body and mind, making both able to more effectively deal with all kinds of stress.


In order to better cope with stress, the coach and patient will develop an action plan together. Positive psychology techniques may be used for this as well. The physical approach begins with respiratory therapy followed by (medical) workouts.


In addition to 1-1 meetings, the eGym training circuit and various yoga lessons are also used. This results in a combination of exercise and rest, which contributes to physical and mental balance.