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'26 years ago, chronic pain and fatigue made exercise impossible for me. My last physical exercise dated back to 1986. I was going to the gym at the time. But the decline continued. An almost claustrophobic experience, because any attempt to physically push myself led to an even greater decline and increased disability.

Towards the end of 2011, a number of things came together. I started taking vitamin on the advice of a doctor. I also started experimenting with breathing and dietary techniques. Superfoods already played an important role, but knowledge of carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well. Combined, it resulted in a huge improvement. A full liver cleansing I administered myself also delivered a major health gain. So much so that I started believing in significant recovery. For the first time in years, I am now feeling better. I can tolerate light better during the summer, and in the winter I can handle the cold better. My threshold is still fairly low, I immediately feel it if I take things too far.

Since I started at Reset Clinic, my recovery ability has improved greatly. A light workout is now part of my daily routine, alternating it with a stroll. With increased muscle strength, I can now do more. Reset Clinic's expert and friendly approach means workout sessions that are accessible yet stimulating. The diversity among participants makes it possible for everyone to feel at home, something that you can really feel in the atmosphere. Training is definitely not a punishment here, but rather an almost daily routine that gives plenty of satisfaction. I am very happy that I can now go back to the gym!'


I was aware that I was at a very high stress level and found it difficult to lower the adrenaline level that came with it. It made me very tired and I slept a lot. The realisation actually came during the programme itself.

I had a good feeling about the programme right from the start, especially because its purpose was very clear. It's not at all woolly, but actually a tangible process thanks to all the measurements. That gave me confidence in the programme. I did however start with the idea 'seeing is believing'.

In the beginning, it's a little strange when you're lying on a coach practising how to breathe, but once you let that go, it becomes quite pleasant. It is also a matter of knowing when to do your breathing exercises during your free time, but luckily I have figured that out by now.

Thanks in part to Anne, my personal coach. I felt extremely comfortable with her. Anne is simply amazing at what she does! Kind, attentive, motivating and she also has a great sense of humour. Noticing that programme actually works is very reassuring as well! I can now anticipate better when tension rises and I know how to handle it. But, above all, I now know very well how I can prevent myself from getting to that point.

The programme has ensured that I now know when stress threatens to take the upper hand and how I can prevent that from happening. The best part was seeing how much you improve every week. The last couple of times, I was watching the screen in disbelief as my heart rate dropped by ten beats a minute two weeks in a row. It's amazing to see how the measurements confirm what I'm feeling; that I'm in fact doing better.

I'd definitely recommend the programme to anyone who gets stressed easily. The programme helps you learn to relax, and in addition, it is the ideal opportunity to build up your exercise routine in a healthy way.'

'The programme helps you learn to relax, and in addition, it is the ideal opportunity to build up your exercise routine in a healthy way.'



'I suffered from a great deal of stress a while ago. I didn't really work out, just a swim every now and then. I didn't even consider going to the gym. Then I saw an ad in the newspaper for the anti-stress programme. I thought to myself, now that's something I need to do! That programme really helped me a lot.

After the weather got better after the programme, my coach said to me, 'Now be sure to continue exercising.' He had already convinced me with the breathing therapy, so I took his word for it. This is how I got to know Anne. She started supervising me during exercise. That was great, something I can only speak very highly of. She really helped me very well. It was all quite daunting. I had to rebuild everything very slowly. After suffering from stress, it is never a good idea to do too much. But Anne helped me superbly. Especially when it comes to pacing myself, a skill that I still use. A fun fact is that Anne has a background in ballet. Something we found to have in common. I myself was a dancer too, teaching for 30 years after that.

Nowadays I exercise alone, without Anne. I make the effort to train for 30 or 40 minutes at a time, two times a week. Working out is the only exercise I like, the duller the better. I've already done so much else when it comes to physical fitness. I also swim once a week. It's all very enjoyable and gratifying to do. This is exactly what I can handle and what I can cope with. It's perfect the way it is! Thankfully, everything is going well, I'm feeling fine again and totally free from any stress complaints.' 


I started at Reset Clinic one-and-a-half years ago. I became aware that something had to change because I started to get more and more symptoms as a result of stress. I suffered a lot from fatigue: I fell asleep on the couch every day, felt out of breath after going up two stairs and was barely able to do anything physical at all. I suffered from hyperventilation, migraines, nail biting and sleeping problems. I often felt emotional and irritable because I couldn't handle the situation well. Everyone around me said: 'Don't worry too much, stress is good for you, helps you perform better,' or 'everyone experiences stress.' As a result, I sometimes felt misunderstood or that I was being a baby. My immune system was also weak and I often felt sick and low. I'm a real perfectionist so I demand a lot from myself, which was of course counterproductive when trying to reduce stress. During my college years, I was increasingly prone to blackouts because the stress became too much for me to handle. I finally decided to seek help, increasingly aware that I was unable to resolve it on my own.

Reset Clinic's programme has helped me a lot, I can anticipate stressful moments a lot better, and I know what to do about it. Proper planning and structure in my life are two things that keep me on track. I'm fairly chaotic by nature, but if I know what to expect, it becomes less stressful for me. Because of my perfectionism, I always wanted to keep everyone happy. Nowadays, I put myself first more often. For example, I'm more comfortable cancelling an appointment because I know that an overburdened calendar will stress me out. I get a lot of positive feedback from people I know who notice I'm a lot more comfortable with myself. Some people who don't know me that well, tell me how calm and organised I am. That always makes me laugh, and it makes me proud of what I have achieved.